comic_mom (comic_mom) wrote,

Jay Leno Sighting, Camera Not Cooperating

So, here we were, Ten and I, after dance classes this morning in Burbank, at the Train Shack on Hollywood Way. Eight and Six were running a fever this morning and did not go to either dance classes or the Easter Egg Hunt in Burbank. We'd turned left onto Hollywood Way, going toward the airport, when we saw the old jalopy-looking car, with lots of steamish-looking stuff coming out of the rear. There was no top to the car. Sure enough, Jay Leno was driving, with some guy--possibly an intern for his show?--in the seat. The Jay Lenomobile was quite the attraction on Hollywood Way and as it steamed, or whatever, its way toward the Burbank Airport (a.k.a., Bob Hope airport), everybody was watching. It was quite the parade. Ten was, of course, absolutely thrilled that Jay Leno waved at him.

My camera did not want to record this event in the way that I wished to record it. My camera is very much a tempermental beast from time to time and demands lots of special care. It does take good pictures, but it does stuff from time to time that seems very strange, such as this "Processing" thing on the screen; the word seems to appear at random times, but almost always after I shoot three or four pictures. I massage my camera's back, or whatever the human equivalent is to trying to get it to cooperate, by taking the battery out and putting it back in. I feel like my camera did me totally wrong with this Jay Leno thing, but then again, maybe it was all meant to turn out that way. I got one picture, a very far away one of him, in which other Burbank traffic is much more prominent. Either way, we did see Jay Leno, out for an afternoon drive.
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