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Monday, October 17th, 2005

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From a "Complete and Total Moron"
When listing the derogatory words that some adoption-affected folks called me in these past few days, I completely forgot to list the "complete and total moron." Well, what can I say? At least I'm complete and total.

These adopters are something else. But these wise words from Frank, whose girlfriend almost lost her first grandchild to adoption, sums it up better than I have thus far:

You said "I'm not sure why adopters are so threatened by what I have to say"

I think it's the guilt they have for what they did. I believe that most adopters know that what they are doing or did is wrong; they just don't want to see the truth. A lot of them are very selfish people who are trying to fill a void in their lives. Others do not want to admit, at any cost, that they are wrong.
It's a major mistake in life and who wants to be labeled "a person who took a child from their mother for their own selfish needs".
That's why they defend themselves so violently.
They remind me of how some people react when you catch them in a serious lie or deception.

Now, for something completely different. Or maybe not:

Check out "Too Busy To Reproduce"

Take a look at Warren's last paragraph and ponder all his words regarding this latest article:

What we are witnessing in your titled piece is the cycle of life and death of Western civilization. All things in this world go through the cycle: birth, growth, decline, death. This includes the universe itself.

Cultures that don’t replace themselves have no future. The prosperous Western European culture has no future.

The world belongs to the fertile. Currently, the fertile are Muslims and Hispanics. Muslims are invading Europe. Hispanics are invading America. It is not professional women who will save America. Those who would save America are stay-at-home moms who make a replacement level of babies. They are the real unsung heroes.
Why I Thank God for people like Lew Rockwell . . .
In this recent smear campaign, one especially persistent stalker wrote Lew Rockwell and told him about the column that she didn't like. She made it appear to him as though my News with Views column was some clandestine effort. Little did she know that in my first e-mail to Lew, I happened to mention that I'm a columnist with them. He probably forgot about it. Oh, but what goes through the minds of the irrational. Lew wrote this very nice e-mail back to her and cc'd me and it seems to have stopped her, at least temporarily, from the stalking. But what Lew told her is hard to argue with, especially from his perspective (notice the PPS):

Dear Adopting in Guatemala, I don't know if these two writers are the same person,
but I do not believe in shutting people up, and I resent your attempt to promote
such unfortunate conduct. There are too few vigorous opinions expressed in this
country as it is. Argue your own case instead. PS: I am delighted to have Trish write
for my site. PPS: I have an adopted daughter.

Now there's a free thinking person if I ever saw one. And soon, within a few hours, I'll have my latest Lew Rockwell column for you to read.
Aren't these adopters nice?
Here's part of an e-mail that I received from "Teresa"

I think it is better that [her adoptee] have a home and a family to love her than to be alone. I know you can't see it that way but I hope as an educated person and a mom who values family that you will at least leave us in peace.

Ah, the irony! Here's what I wrote in return:

Hi Teresa,

I'm not sure who the "us" is that you're speaking of, but one of them just wrote me one of the most obscene e-mails I have ever seen. I simply published an article; it wasn't necessarily meant to go to adopters. But the fact that it did has left me with threats to me and to my family. Now, you tell me, who needs to leave whom alone?

Another illogical one . . .
I don't remember who sent this, but I do want to post it. I can't tell you how furious I become when people talk about the people who adopted me. Nice! These people can't even be nice to other adopters. Some of them, anyway. You know, it's too bad that all people who adopt can't be like Lew Rockwell.

I'm sorry that you must have had a horrible childhood and your adoptive parents must have been the worst parents in the world. I'm sure you suffered more than any child should have by being placed in their unfit home.

The above must be true or you wouldn't have such a horrible attitude toward adoption in general. If the above wasn't true, then I sincerely hope your adoptive parents don't ever read your article because it would break their hearts.

Unfortunately, the people who adopted me are dead, but the article itself would not break their hearts; it might break their fantasy. And quite honestly, finding my natural parents probably did that to some extent. Please, please, please, stop blaming my adopters, my childhood, and my natural parents for a viewpoint that threatens yours. You don't even know them, or for that matter, you don't even know me. Go write your own articles, as Lew Rockwell suggested, and leave me alone.
Let the "To Test or Not To Test" Discussion Begin!

Should we pee in a cup?

Should we give blood in order to have a job?

Must we submit to a physical examination in order to work? Oh yes, there's that whole insurance thing going on.

How far is too far?

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